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3D Design and Virtual Sampling

Imagine it. Design it.

3D has become an indispensable and catalysing technology for fashion and retail brands to drastically cut short lead times and costs.Photorealistic 3D Samples are already driving end consumers and trade partners to view and interact with productsamples which are not manufactured yet and through this they can participate directly or indirectly in the brand’s decision making process of what to manufacture and in what quantities.

To bring this exciting 3D technology for Indian Brands and Manufacturers, Simbus has partnered with Browzwear that has become synonymous with 3Dworking in the apparel segment since its inception in early 2000s. Head Quartered in Singapore, Browzwear’s design tool Lotta and its tightly-coupled 3D virtualisation tool vSticher are joined by Stylezone – a SaaS sharing platform intended to improve communication and collaboration – thus providing a “holistic digital workflow” centered around the use of true-to-life 3D equivalents in place of physical garments across a variety of process in the value chain.

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A 3D Design solution created especially for Fashion designers, Lotta makes it easy and fun to express thecreative vision in an unlimited range of colors, styles, materials, lighting effects and more. Lotta 3D Design lets the Fashion Designers, even if they are new to 3D, it is very easy and simple to view and style their designs on a realistic 3D body in an endless variety of colors, styles, materials and more. With worlds best integration with Adobe tools, designers can work push their 2D designs to Adobe and back again or work directly in 3D. Some key value adds with Lotta 3D Design are:

  • Unlimited creativity with 3D Design
  • Visualise designs in every fabric, color and trim
  • Showcase designs in true to life 3D
  • Real-time sync with Adobe tools and leading PLM applications

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