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3D Planograming and Merchandising

Create a Better, Faster, Smarter Shopping Experience.

We are seeing an accelerating evolution of the shopping experience. When the first self-serve food stores were opened in the early 20th century, the concept of grocery warehouse shopping was born. This model has remained relatively unchanged for close to 100 years, but now finds itself threatened.

Today, stores that focus on creating an in-store experience are growing revenue in the high single digits, while the majority of the industry has declined 1.3 percent over the same period.

Shoppers demand experiences, not transactions. This means thinking beyond product assortment and price. Retailers and brand manufacturers need to view the store with the eyes of the shopper, simplifying and building the shopping experience around them. That includes improving store layouts and navigation, and designing the atmosphere and branding to create an emotional bond with shoppers.

In the past, it was too costly and time consuming to conduct shopper research in the context of the shelf and store. Silos of different departments designing the store, planning the assortment, and managing planograms in shelves are hampered in their ability to design strong, unified retail experiences. What if we could break down these silos and work together using an integrated business platform to design and test shopping experiences?

Simbus leverages Dassault Systemes Perfect Shelf to enable FMCG brands to innovate, design, manage and execute shopping experiences across the entire consumer decision journey.

Perfect Shelf is the only highly effective 3D Merchandising software solution that enables FMCG Brand Manufacturers and Retailers to redefine the shopping experience, illustrate the impact of new ideas, optimize space planning, and maximize compliance….all without the time and cost of all current methods.

Perfect Shelf is ideal for FMCG and Retail firms such as

  • Consumer goods
  • Beauty & Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Packaged foods
  • Hygiene products
  • Household products
  • Contract manufacturers
  • Retailers

Key Benefits

Moving store design and retail collaboration from the physical to the virtual world can enable FMCG brands to:

  • INCREASE SALES while improving margins through better, more informed decisions and more options to evaluate during the planning process
  • ENHANCE COLLABORATION between Manufacturer and Retail by taking a real-time 3D approach to joint business planning
  • IMPROVE SPEED TO SHELF through accelerated category management and space planning and faster validation of the shopping experience (at a lower cost!)
  • IMPROVE IN-STORE COMPLIANCE, execution and experience across all formats through improved quality of store planning
  • LOWER TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP by leveraging virtual research for shorter project timeframes and reduced time to market and better execution in-store


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