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Discrete Manufacturing

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Improve productivity, manage product complexity, meet fluctuating market demand, maximize production capacity utilization, minimise raw material and WIP inventory through Advanced Planning and Scheduling Solutions from Siemens.

Siemens Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) Software is geared towards solving production planning and scheduling issues across a wide range of manufacturing companies. The combination of complex manufacturing process, deep bill of materials (BOM), machine and material availability etc. need a state of the art system to be managed successfully. Simatic IT Preactor APS offers cost effective solutions that optimizes production processes in discrete manufacturing industry.

Simatic IT Preactor transforms the entire production planning and scheduling of your plant by considering:

  • Complex production process and deep BOM
  • Inter-operations, maintenance schedules etc.
  • Tooling and test equipment availability
  • Key materials and labour constraint
  • Calendar flexing – overtime
  • Changing demand and priorities

Multi - Product Category Support

SIMATIC IT Preactor APS is an industry best practice solution for

  • Consumer Durables, Kitchen and Home Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Sanitary Goods
  • Industrial Equipment

Key Benefits

Some of the measurable benefits we deliver are:

  • Improved on-time deliveries up to 50%
  • 15-20% Improved utilization and efficiency
  • Up to 50% Reduction of raw material and WIP inventory
  • Faster response to demand changes

Simatic IT Preactor APS combined with the Industry Expertise and robust implementation methodology of Simbus Technologies ensures that investment in implementing the solution delivers a quick return of investment of 12 months or less

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