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Why Advanced Scheduling is crucial for Pharmaceutical companies

The Pharmaceutical industry faces challenges of improving/sustaining on-time-deliveries, reduce inventory while still being able to respond to shorter lead times, manage unexpected events like break downs, rush orders, changing customer priorities etc.

Do you have production planning and scheduling tools to manage these challenges? The answers we often hear is that “We have an ERP”. But does it help you address these challenges. Not Sure!

Let’s take the case of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing.

How Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling Systems Can Enhance Supply Chain Management

These are challenging times for manufacturers. Ranging from rising material costs, and technology disruptions to lack of skilled labor and evolving customer and regulatory demands, there is risk and uncertainty all around. Under the circumstances, flexible production planning and deep insights into manufacturing processes are no longer a nice to have. Supply chain managers must have the ability to adroitly respond to unexpected production changes in customer orders to enable on time delivery, lower lead times, improve efficiencies in manufacturing processes, and cut inventory levels.

What's next for "What an Idea!"

We all agree that Ideas can come from anywhere, anyone and at any moment. We even agree that our consumers are Social, Informed and Empowered - thanks to the mobile devices, internet and Social Media. We also agree that we all "collaborate" on "Office WhatsApp groups" on some (or all) 'official' matters that are urgent, important and also things that are interesting.

Why personal Social Media Platforms are not "just enough" for Idea Management ?

Can the "Other Half" be easily managed ?

If Well Planned is Half Done, then how can the other half be easily managed. I believe that making a good "Option Plan" which is data driven considering all the nuances such as growth in categories, like to like business, stores etc., is a prerequisite to ensure profitable growth for a fashion retailer. Many successful brands and retailers have emphasised on churning data and coming up with a very detailed Option Plan that becomes a prerequisite input for the designers to deliver sufficient number of relevant options to chose from.


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