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The Darwin Fashion Retail Planner is a best practices based solution that leverages the firm’s innovative capabilities and industry know-how to provide a simplified and easy to deploy solution for fashion and merchandizing firms. In an industry where spreadsheets are still widely used to view, analyze, and plan various aspects of the fashion and retail design-to-market process, Darwin’s Fashion Retail Planner is a streamlined yet comprehensive solution. It works with your existing ERP system and provides a high degree of automation for critical tasks.

The solution has preconfigured modules that provide complete visibility into product stock and expected margins, and generate timely alerts for overstock and understock issues. It also synchronizes financial and merchandize calendars to better cater to seasonal fashion cycles. Users can improve their spreadsheet-based planning processes by accessing Darwin’s industry-specific modules that show stocks, vendor, and stakeholder commitments in a unified interface. Users can also significantly enhance overall operational efficiency by leveraging its financial, merchandise and assortment, and integrated markdown planning modules to maximize profit.

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